Yes. Battery Shop Tasmania staff are qualified technicians who can check your electrical system for correct operation as well as connect to your cars computer system and check for faults if required.

There are many reasons why your battery may have gone flat but below are the most common;

  • Human Error – Leaving the headlights or interior lights on, or not closing the boot properly can all affect the battery if left over night.
  • Old Battery – Older batteries no long have the capacity to hold their charge. If your vehicle will not consistently start, it is possible that the battery has reached the end of its life.
  • Driving Habits – A vehicle which is only used for short trips may have a battery which does not receive enough charge to recover the energy used to start the engine.

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Call your roadside assistance to jump start your car OR use your Battery Shop Lithium Jump Starter to get on the road sooner!

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Yes, we offer up to 30 months warranty for a private vehicle however the warranty does depend on the type of battery and how it is used. For more information on our warranty page.

It sure does, the Lithium Jump Starter has a 12 month warranty.

Your old vehicle battery is broken down into multiple parts for scrap and recycled to create new items.

Drop into one of our locations found in any Cooper Automotive and have one of our experts can test your battery.

No, unless your battery is difficult to access and requires our mechanic to remove any part of the engine or vehicle.

In short, yes you can however we recommend that you follow these steps to ensure it is done correctly. Alternatively our trained technicians can replace your battery for you.

The Battery Shop Lithium Jump Starter can start diesel vehicles up to 3.0L and petrol vehicles up to 6.0L.

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How to use the Battery Shop Lithium Jump Starter

Deep cycle batteries are designed to be discharged over many cycles (discharged and recharged = one cycle) without effecting the battery life as they generally have thicker plates to reduce plate buckling. They are common in motor homes, caravans, marine and fork lifts and are rated in Amp Hours.

A calcium component is added to both the positive and negative plates; this reduces water loss through gassing and allows the container to be fully sealed and maintenance free.

More and more modern cars are using these types of batteries to combat higher power demands by the vehicle as they are less likely to be effected by extreme heat and higher charge rates.

This means the battery is fully sealed during manufacture and doesn’t have provision to add distilled water to the cells.

Most calcium batteries are fully sealed and are “maintenance free” with minimal or reduced fluid loss due to gassing.

The fluid level under normal conditions will last for the life cycle of the battery.

CCA stands for Cold Cranking Amps and is the recognised industry standard for rating a battery’s performance.

The number of plates was once used as the measure for rating batteries, however, now CCA is used and the higher the CCA the more powerful the battery.