Car Batteries

The Battery Shop Tasmania stocks a range of ACDelco batteries to suit every car. From the family sedan, to European and luxury vehicles, including those that utilise stop / start technology, we have the battery you need.  ACDelco Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries use wrought-lead calcium expanded grids that provide strong corrosion resistance, long shelf life, maintenance free usage and resistance to overcharge.

4WD Batteries

We stock 4WD batteries that can handle tough terrain while also powering all your accessories. Most other conventional batteries use cast antimony grids. These make the battery more susceptible to corrosion and water loss. The ACDelco flat-bottomed, polypropylene rib case provides improved vibration resistance and stronger durability.

Truck Batteries

We stock HardCore and ACDelco batteries for trucks. Hardcore truck batteries are a rugged hybrid battery. They’re built to cope with touch demands that would leave other commercial batteries flat. The ACDelco SMF Battery incorporates sealed covers with built in flame arresters for better resistance to acid loss, electrolyte contamination and explosions from external sparks. ACDelco SMF Batteries incorporate a patented Liquid Gas Separator which prevents electrolyte losses. The liquid is collected and returned to the reservoir.

Motorcycle Batteries

Motobatt motorcycle batteries use the latest technology to provide the motorcycle enthusiast with hassle free riding. Quadflex™ technology has 4 terminals (2+ and 2-) and, when necessary, includes spacers, enabling the battery to function in multiple applications.

Marine Batteries

We stock Delkor and ACDelco marine batteries. For jet ski we stock Motobatt batteries. The Delkor Marine range of maintenance free batteries offers the boating enthusiast a truly hassle-free battery for peace of mind. All ACDelco Marine Batteries have the combined benefits of a true deep cycle and calcium/calcium maintenance free technology and they are sealed maintenance free for worry free operation. Motobatt’s maintenance free batteries hold their charge longer than lead acid batteries and withstand repeated starting attempts.

Solar Batteries and Deep Cycle Batteries

We stock Hard Core deep cycle batteries, which are ideal for use in RVs and caravans. We can also source ACDelco Deep Cycle Batteries. They have the combined benefits of a true deep cycle and calcium/calcium maintenance-free technology. They are sealed and maintenance free for worry free operation.

Mobility, Golf Buggy and Mower Batteries

For mobility scooters, lawn mowers and golf buggys, we stock ACDelco sealed maintenance free batteries. Once they’ve been fitted they require no upkeep. Instead, they have built-in lead calcium technology that extends battery life.

Keyless Entry

The Battery Shop Tasmania stocks Powercell and GP Lithium batteries for keyless entry systems, car remotes and other devices. Please contact us for more details and specific pricing.

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