Truck Batteries

Battery Shop Tasmania keeps most popular truck batteries in stock. Australia has some of the harshest operating conditions for truck batteries anywhere in the world. Truck batteries must cope with long distances, big loads and huge temperature extremes. On top of this, power demands grow every year. When you’re working Down Under you need a truck, earth moving or commercial battery you can rely on.

We have truck batteries with enough cold cranking amps to power most rigs in hot and cold climates. We also stock batteries to assist with over-the-road truck applications, where “no idle” laws apply.

Hardcore truck batteries.

For the hard core trucker the Battery Shop Tasmania stocks the HardCore truck battery range. HardCore Commercial Batteries have been designed and built to cope with tough demands that would leave ordinary commercial truck  batteries flat. As a rugged hybrid battery, they can start just about any truck or commercial engine. They also provide greater cycle life. This means power available over and over again, when and where you need it. When you turn the key or switch, you will have the power you need and the reliability you can trust!

Available in common part sizes for most heavy vehicles including, 70ZZ, 70ZZL, 120, 150 and 200 sized applications.

ACDelco truck batteries.

The Battery Shop Tasmania also stocks the AC Delco brand of truck batteries which are high quality and competitively priced. ACDelco Heavy Duty Truck Batteries are in it for the long haul. For staying power in off-road vehicles and over-the-road trucks or construction, farm, marine and industrial applications, get the truck battery that meets your needs.

Did you know?

Flat battery is one of the top five cause of vehicle break down. Battery cables and posts should be checked frequently for good connections and/or signs of corrosion.

At the Battery Shop Tasmania, our staff are trained professionals who will work with you to keep your truck on the road.




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