Marine Batteries

We stock a wide range of quality marine batteries in our Hobart and Launceston service centres. From jet skis and tin dishes right through to commercial marine vehicles. Our suppliers include ACDelco, Delkor and Hard Core. For jet skis, we stock Mottobat, who specialise in marine batteries for power sports.

We fit marine batteries that have been specifically designed to perform in harsh conditions. These batteries are sealed to reduce the risk of acid spills. All the batteries we sell come with a warranty, but the conditions vary from brand to brand. Ask us for more details.

ACDelco marine batteries

All ACDelco Marine Batteries have the combined benefits of a true deep cycle and calcium/calcium maintenance free technology. They are sealed and maintenance free for worry free operation.

Advantages of ACDelco marine batteries include:

  • Completely sealed design means no leakage or spillage.
  • High resistance to heat and vibration damage.
  • Low self-discharge rate.
  • Low gassing rate means reduced explosion hazard during charging.
  • Built in hydrometer to check battery condition at a glance.

Delkor marine batteries

The Delkor Marine range of maintenance free batteries offers the boating enthusiast a truly hassle-free battery for peace of mind. Being a dual purpose battery, you get the best of both worlds – strong, reliable starting power combined with deep-cycle ability to power all your accessory loads. Long life and excellent performance in extreme conditions are the hallmarks of the Delkor Marine & Deep-Cycle battery range.

Delkor marine batteries:

  • Are truly maintenance-free.
  • Include wrought grid technology that creates a stronger, more reliable plate.
  • Are encased in high strength impact-resistant polypropylene.
  • Have the patented liquid/gas separator.

Motobatt jet ski batteries

Jet ski batteries need to be able to withstand high vibration and high starting loads, not to mention the additional power demands of accessories you bring along for the ride. Motobatt’s maintenance free marine batteries hold their charge longer than lead acid batteries and withstand repeated starting attempts.

Other features include:

  • Advanced glass mat technology for a longer lifecycle.
  • No initial charging needed, simply install and go.
  • Maintenance free – no mess, no risk.
  • 20% more cold cranking amps (CCA).
  • Easy accessory connection with multi terminal patented design.
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